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HBE, Inc.

From: [email address omitted] Sent: Tuesday, September 08, 2009 7:56 PM To: [HBE]

Subject: car insurance


Today you should have received several insurance qoutes for me. I must have insurance with SR-22 filing before I can get my driver's license back. I have taken care of everything else. This is the last step.

If you will issue a check to the insurance provider with the lowest bid and have one of the ladies call me when it's ready, I will come and pick it up and take it directly to the insurance agency. Upon receipt of payment they will give me SR-22 cofirmation right away.

I can then take this to the Highway Patrol and proceed to get my license back.I will also need a check for $179.00 ($153 reinstatement fee + $26 driver'slicense fee) made payable to Tennessee Department of Safety. Then I'll just be a step away from having my own car again.

I want to thank you very much for providing me the impetus to complete this unbelievably simple process. Your little list of things to do has gone a long way in helping me to get my life back.

Thank you,

[A grateful HBE client]


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