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HBE, Inc. Fiduciary and Social Security Payee Program

An IRS 501 (C) 3 Non-Profit Organization since 1991

Board of Directors


As a 501(c) (3) organization, HBE, Inc. is a charitable service organization. Our board consists of the C.E.O. and a small number of volunteers who lend their time and talents attending board meetings to discuss current issues and help direct the business of the organization. They also lend occasional assistance, as needed, in their areas of expertise.

Our Board Meetings are held quarterly as a rule, though in certain periods they are held monthly. H.B.E. welcomes assistance from individuals with expertise in the areas of Legal, Financial/Fund-raising, PCs/ Networking, and Human Resources experience to help us with our mission.

If you'd like to attend a board meeting, please contact us to introduce yourself, your credentials, and the nature of your interest in HBE. If you wish to join the board, a nomination must be made by a sitting member. Once a vote of acceptance is passed, a nominee member will then be inducted for a probationary period, during which the nominee's attendance at meetings, conduct, and contributions can be evaluated by the sitting members. The nominee can likewise evaluate his or her own enduring level of interest in participation. After this period is fulfilled to the sitting members' satisfaction, if the nominee member wishes to continue as a full board member, a vote by the sitting members on full board membership for the nominee will be conducted.

Currently, the Board of Directors of H.B.E. Inc. consists of :

  • Suzanne Quedens, President and C.E.O.

  • Verna Covington Miller, Founder & Senior Advisor

  • Ron Brassfield, Co-Founder & Sec.- Treasurer

  • Lynne Williams, Documentarian

  • Marc Sasser, Pastor, Advisor on Charitable Organization Affairs

  • Audrey Knudsen, Recording Secretary

The Board would like to extend a special "thank you" to accountant George Coode, C.P.A., for his invaluable assistance in financial affairs during a period of growing pains, 2009-2010.

"Thank you" to former board member, Vanessa White, Branch Manager, Regions Bank, for her services as a board member, 2007-2010.



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